Pig Suede lining (Twywell)

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Pig skin suede with a soft stretchy feel. Uniform in colour and thickness with a fine velvet feel nap, suitable for fine lining work.

Product Reference  :  TWYWELL

Colours Available  :  Natural,  Yellow,  Beige,  Tan,  Dark Chocolate,  Orange,  Red,  Pink,  Purple,  Burgundy,  Turquoise,  Teal,  Mid Blue,  Deep Blue,  Violet,  Pale Green,  Apple Green,  Emerald Green,  Khaki,  Olive,  Pale Grey,  Powder Blue,  Mid Grey,  Navy and Black.(CLICKING ON THE COLOUR OPTION WILL SHOW THE COLOUR IN MORE DETAIL)

This material is ideal for  :  Fine Lining of bags, Belts etc.

Dimensions  :  40"  long    35"  wide

Average Size  :  15  sq ft

Thickness  :  0.5mm


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