Our History

The Metropolitan Leather Co Limited was founded 1919 to manufacture leather diaphragms for gas meters.

By 1933 the company was not only manufacturing diaphragm leathers, but was also cutting diaphragms for sale to the many members of the Gas Meter Industry. At the same time, the production of lining leathers and clothing leathers from E.I. Persian Crust was commenced, and the business rapidly expanded until by 1939 the company had filled all the available premises attached to the original Bermondsey factory.

In September 1940, the factory was badly hit with incendiary bombs and alternative premises had to be acquired. In a very short time the business was transferred to a mill in Great Harwood, Lancashire, without any loss in production, and further expansion was made.

During the war period, various productions were carried out for the military, and in 1945 a rapid return was made to the production of meter leathers to fulfil the great demand by the industry to catch up with the repairs which had been postponed during the war-time.

In 1951, the old established company of Broadhead & Conyers of Leeds was purchased to broaden the basis of the production with Kips and Calf, particularly for high fashion finishes for the Shoe and Handbag Industry. In order to increase efficiency, the factory in Leeds was closed and amalgamated with the Tannery in Great Harwood during 1955.

In 1962, it was decided to make available to the trade the long experience of the production of fancy finishes for the Shoe, Equestrian and Handbag Industries.

In 1985, the business was sold to Roy Winnard, who at the time was the Leather Division Manager.

The company relocated to its present premises in Thrapston, Northamptonshire in 1990 and continues to provide many other leather related industries with high quality leathers.